Why should you quit the combustibles?

If you are reading this, then you are probably already aware of the answer to this question. It is simple and straightforward: Smoking KILLS. Thousands of toxic chemicals are released from the tobacco leaf during the combustion process and are delivered, along with the nicotine, directly to your bloodstream via your lungs and mucus membranes. Many of these compounds are carcinogenic, that means that they cause cancer. Others are just outright poisons, and can lead to such ailments as heart disease and hypertension. Combustion also generates tar. This black, sticky, substance makes breathing much more labored in longtime smokers, and can contribute to the development of such disorders as COPD and emphysema. You are slowly worsening your health and eventually putting your life at risk every time you pick up that cigarette. In addition, you are also putting the life and health at risk of those who inhale your second hand smoke. Once the facts are on the table about how detrimental smoking is to the body’s various organ systems, all that one is left with is the big decision to start making healthier choices and kick the combustibles!

Once you’ve made the decision, what happens next? Very few people find success with the “cold turkey” method. With most other methods, you ditch the cigarettes and you’re up against a hard time wrought with cravings. One can become moody, anxious, irritated, and find difficulty with concentration while preforming even the most mundane of daily tasks. Add to all this that simply being around your social circle and continuously watching others smoke and take smoke breaks can be very challenging. Not to mention, the time you spent smoking every day is left empty, like breaks and after meals. It’s in these times, that the temptation to light up another cigarette can be the hardest to resist. Electronic Cigarettes and Vaping solve many, if not all of these problems.